Emerald Health Therapeutics Review and Company Rundown



 Emerald Health Therapeutics


Emerald Health Therapeutics is a canadian licensed producer engaged in the cultivation and sale of cannabis and cannabis oils. EMH ( Emerald Health Therapeutics) is rooted in science and has a team of highly talented scientists doing research on and working with the highest quality cannabis and strains.

Our access to widely recognized experts in development of botanical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical medicines and the ability to carry out clinical trials is helping lead the way for the future of medicinal cannabis.


The emerald health team is made up of talented MDs, PhDs, engineers and horticulturists with extensive experience, collectively offering more than 60 years of cannabis growing leadership, knowledge and commitment.


Emerald health’s plans are simple and achievable: EMH want’s to expand their facilities in the first half of 2017. While focusing on Products and Research & Development  in the second half of 2017. In 2018 EMH would like to focus on increasing production capacity and increasing overall production. Lastly when legalization is rolled out and implemented, EMH will focus on growing and maintaining sales. EMH estimates it will have 100,000 sq ft of production space by 2018.


The Emerald Advantage : Emerald Health Therapeutics is a key stakeholder in its stock. Management and key insiders all hold considerable amounts of the stock and options. EMH has leadership experience which is important in such a young and volatile industry.


The leadership at EMH have experience with life sciences, drug development, clinical testing, product approvals and distribution. Emerald Health’s team of MD’S and PHD’s are clinically experienced and have clinical expertise &  networks to expand the patient base. EMH is striving to be a superior brand in cannabis both domestic and internationally.



High Margin Product Development


Proprietary : Clinically demonstrating utility.

Adding Value: With customized dosage , unique delivery  & wide diversity

Being Competitive: By being quality a low cost cultivator




High margin focus & a highly skilled management team


Emerald Health Therapeutics is strongly committed to developing high margin products. To bring these high margin products to market , Emerald health uses a very large and diverse library of strains. Next is GMP compliance and the growth , extraction & processing to pharmaceutical & nutraceutical standards. Then comes clinical studies on the medicinal products being tested. Once all the clinical trials have been successfully ended and given approval, a trusted brand needs to be developed which has uncompromising quality and is reliable and ethical. But the most important factor is that the team behind Emerald Health Therapeutics is the real value, as long as they are focused and dedicated the future is bright. 


Bin Huang, PhD, MBA President & CEO 20+ years in life sciences including 15 years as CEO

Avtar Dhillon, MD Executive Chairman Chairman of 5 public life science companies, led turnaround of  NASDAQ:INO from $10m to $1b company

Traviss Graham VP Production 15+ years in cannabis production, processing, and product development

Sandra Pratt, CPA, CA CFO 20+ years in accounting & finance Angiotech Pharmaceuticals



Peer comparison



2017 value drivers & potential catalysts 


Increase patients & sales

Scale up extraction

Complete 100,000 SF grow facility

Expand proprietary genetics portfolio

Initiate several clinical studies




  • 8m Shares Outstanding
  • 22m Retail Float
  • 46m Shares Held by Single Strategic Inside Investor
  • 14m O & W Management & Emerald Health Sciences
  • $3m Recent Cash Position
  • 652k Three Month Average Volume
  • $1.54 Recent Share Price



  1. MODULAR – purpose built expansion 50,000 SF at a time
  2. INVESTMENT – timely $10m in CAPEX = 10,000 KG 4. SPEED – starting material from current facility ensures fast-track to full production 
  3. EXPERIENCED – trusted relationship and SOPs with Health Canada  
  4. SPEED – starting material from current facility ensures fast-track to full production
  5.  SALES – customers currently waitlisted for supply of Emerald grown products
  6. CAPABILITY – large scale drug development, construction and greenhouse grow expertise
  7. CAPITAL – proven history of raising capital

*Over time if Emerald Health Therapeutics needed they could expand on demand upto 1 million square feet on their 32 acre property.





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